Alvaston Glass Ltd

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Double Glazing Repairs

Re-Glazing and Repair Services for all your Single or Double Glazed Windows & Doors in Derby & the Surrounding East Midlands.

Misted Window

Misted Windows

If you have problems with misty glass, we can change your glass for a fraction of the cost of having new windows.

Misted Window

Cracked or Broken Window Units

We can quickly and easily replace individual panes, a cost effective way to make your window as good as new.

Broken Hinges, Handles and Locks, or Lost Keys

We carry a large range of replacement handles and locks suitable for any window, and can repair your window efficiently with minimum fuss and inconvenience.

Window Handles and Locks

Problem Doors

All of our services for window units apply equally to the glazed section of your doors. A replacement unit fitted by us will soon restore your door to its original appearance without the expense of having to buy a new one.

Additional Door Fixtures and Accessories

As well as our door re-glazing services, we offer a range of door handles and locks, letter boxes and other door furniture.

Door Handles and Locks