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Glass Furniture and Houseware

Bespoke Glass Designs

We can make items of glass furniture and other items for your home either using our standard designs or completely to your own design, sized to fit exactly where you want it (subject to tolerances).

We can make almost anything you want, your imagination is the only limit - some examples are shown just to give you an idea of what we can do.

Glass Tables & Tabletops

Tables made entirely from glass, or glass tops for tables including replacement glass for your existing glass top table.

Glass Bookcases & Shelving

Glass is perfect for bookcases and shelving, making the displayed items really stand out. Adding up-lighters below shelves is especially effective for glass ornaments etc.

Clear UV Bonded

Items such as glass tables, bookcases, display boxes, dvd cabinets etc. have UV bonded joints (using a clear glue), so the finished products are completely frameless.

  • Glass Dining Table

    Glass Dining Table

  • Glass Coffee Table

    Glass Coffee Table

  • Occasional Table

    Occasional Table

  • Bespoke Glass Table

    Bespoke Feature Glass Table

  • TV Stand

    TV Stand

  • Glass Shelving

    Glass Shelving

  • Cornter Shelf

    Cornter Shelf

  • Display Shelving

    Display Shelving

  • Display Cabinet

    Display Cabinet