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Glass Supplies

Laminated Glass - Safety Glass

Our laminated glass - also known as safety glass - complies with current British Standards, BS EN 14449

If laminated glass were to break, it would crack but remain intact as one pane.  This makes it ideal for providing both impact resistance and security, since it may crack on impact but remain in place preventing injury or intrusion.

Laminated glass is most commonly used in commercial properties e.g. public houses etc., so that in the event of damage the building can still remain open and injury to the surroundings avoided.  Laminated glass also minimizes the chances of burglary by slowing down (or stopping) intruders.

We hold 6.4mm laminated glass in stock which can be cut whilst you wait.  We also supply 8.8mm, 10.8mm and 11.5mm laminated glass – all of which are clear, but can be sandblasted in-house to become obscure. 

We can source, to order, tinted laminated glass in any combination of colours and thickness.

Toughened Glass - Safety Glass

Toughened glass - also a type of safety glass - is five times stronger than normal float glass. If a piece were to break, it would fragment into lots of small, non-sharp pieces. 

This is advantageous because on breakage it doesn't cause harm or damage to people or objects in its surroundings. 

We have a our own toughening plant which we use to make toughened glasss which conforms to British Standards BS EN 12150. (Also see Toughening Process)

N.B. We are the only company in Derby that can provide this service in-house.

Broken Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass When Broken

Toughened Laminated Glass

Alvaston Glass now manufacture Toughened Laminated glass.

Safety Glass - Doors

N.B. It is a legal requirement that if glass is being fitted..

  • in a door (wherever this door may be)
  • directly next to a door
  • below 800mm from the ground must be safety glass.

Pilkington Low Iron

Alvaston Glass are suppliers of Pilkington Low Iron Glass, which is particularly popular for furniture, worktops and splashbacks. As there is less iron content in it its benefits include:

  • Greater light transmission
  • Less of a green tint
  • Just like normal float glass, so can be toughened or laminated
  • Lower iron content
  • Available in most thicknesses up to 10mm

Pilkington Patterned Glass

For patterned glass we only supply the best - from Pilkington. We carry all Pilkington patterns in stock in sheet sizes of 1320mm x 2140mm which can be cut to any size.  Pilkington’s patterns have different obscurity ratings; 1 being the lowest to 5 being the highest, and include:

  • Everglade
  • Flemish
  • Sycamore
  • Stippolyte
  • Autumn
  • Cotswold

See our full range of Pilkington Patterned Glass.

Fire Glass

We can supply a wide range of fire glasses.  There a great number available to suit different needs.  We ask that you supply us with the product name you require so that we can price, or answer a few questions on what you are trying to achieve so that we can then tell you which product will meet your needs.  All prices are on application.

Glass Ancillaries

Alongside our wide range of glass, we carry putty, silicone, mirror adhesive, panel pins, putty knives etc.  Everything you need for your job all in one place.