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Shower Screens and Enclosures

Beautifully Designed Shower Enclosures

We have a range of pre-designed shower enclosures in a variety of sizes and colours to suit all tastes and to fit most bathrooms.

Our examples illustrate what you can achieve when you are re-designing your bathroom, and will easily fit into most bathrooms just as they are.

Bespoke Shower Enclosures Unique to You

If you are designing your own bathroom from scratch, you want something specific and unique or you have space and size constraints, ask us to make a bespoke shower enclosure just for you.

Specialising in bespoke glass work as we do, we are sure to be able to meet your requirements, however unusual they may be.

Shower Screens - Standard and Bespoke

If you don't need a full shower enclosure, we manufacture and supply a range of shower screens in convenient sizes decorated with a variety of beautiful designs.

As with our shower enclosures, if you have specific design or size requirements, we can make a completely bespoke shower screen to your specifications.

Toughened Glass for Your Safety

All of our shower enclosures and screens, bespoke or pre-designed are:

  • Made of Toughened Glass for Safety
  • Polished with Radius Corners
  • Precision Drilled and using Quality Fittings
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High Quality Fittings

All our shower enclosures, bespoke or standard designs, use only the highest quality hinges, fasteners and handles so that you get that 5 star finish for which you would expect to pay considerably more.

High Qualilty Fittings