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Glass Processing

Sandblasting - Personalise your glass

When it comes to personalising your glass we offer a huge choice. Anything from logos, to animals or flowers. If it’s not in our pattern books, it’s probably not available!

We often undertake bespoke designs too, tell us what design you require and we will do our utmost to put it onto your glass.

Once you have chosen your design, our computer driven equipment creates a vinyl template from a file (EPS or AI format). 

We then transfer the vinyl onto the glass and pick out the design, work carried out entirely by hand.  Once this has been done, we then sandblast the glass and remove the vinyl to reveal your chosen design.

Sand Blasting

Intricate Work by Hand prior to Sandblasting

Glass Processing Equipment

Glass Processing Equipment in our Factory

Ritec Coating - For easier to clean glass resistant to finger prints

A ritec coat can be applied to the your finished glass to “seal” the design so as to reduce fingerprints and assist in cleaning. More information about Ritec here....


Straight Line Bevelling

We have recently invested in a brand new beveller and are now able to produce a bevel on glass as small as 40mm x 40mm.  As far as we are aware, we are the only company in the East Midlands that can do this.



Another recent investment was in our brand new drill with built in laser to enable accuracy.
We can drill 6mm to 100mm holes. (Please enquire before ordering as we do not carry every single size drill).


Our polisher is able to polish glass from 4mm to 19mm thick producing a finish called a flat and arris.

Glass Toughening

Alvaston Glass have a Lambert toughening plant (More about Lamberts here), with a bed size of 1175mm x 2100mm which we use to toughen glass between 4mm and 19mm thick which conforms to British Standards BS EN 12150.

We are the only company in Derby that can provide a glass toughening service in-house.

N.B. All holes, cut outs and edgework etc. must be carried out on the glass prior to toughening as toughened glass cannot be cut down or worked on.

CNC Work

We now have two CNC machines which are capable of carrying out all ranges of shapework and cut outs to extreme accuracy.  Furthermore, we accept DXF files that can be inputted straight into the computer on the machine to implement your designs.

UV Bonding

We carry out UV Bonding to produce bespoke tables, bookcases, display boxes, dvd cabinets etc.  - the possibilities are endless.  All these joints are glued with a clear glue making the finished product completely frameless. (Also see Glass Furniture)

CNC Machine

Our CNC Machine